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Deleted Files, What to do when you accidentally deleted files or a myriad of files and folders.

We deal with a lot of data recovery jobs that involve someone deleted files, 1 file, a folder, or even accidentally wiping their hard drive.

Most times these are very recoverable. BUT it should be done immediately so as not to risk overwriting the data that has been deleted for the most accurate recovery.

We see an extra amount of these from creative types especially photographers who happen to be editing images for clients and then accidentally delete the job folder. That job folder may be worth a lot of money to the photographer but also usually priceless memories for the client such as wedding pictures or family pictures.

This can cause a catastrophic loss for someone in the photography and other creative fields. Also when it comes to family photos it could be the loss of precious memories. We have done many jobs where it is pictures and other files attributed to the memory of a loved one.

Also before you completely panic check the recycle bin quickly you may have deleted it but it may be in the recycle bin and all you have to do is restore it.

Another way to limit risk due to deleted files is to immediately create and external or cloud backup of all new files, or have a backup service like carbonite that is always creating a backup. It is alot easier sometimes to go through a cloud backup file history and retrieve files then hope that data recovery can pull them back.

With a cloud backup one can go back sometimes weeks and get deleted files if not months. It is a good idea to have more then one backup system to prevent these kinds of little errors. As they can cause a lot of problems.

As always when in doubt call and ask we are here and ready to help.

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