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We have the weapons

to win your Technology Battles

Computer Repair

From a glitch to a hard drive crash Techwarrior Technologies can fix it.

Tech Support

Small 1 person companies to publically traded companies and residential tech support.

Onsite Support

A Techwarrior dispatched to your location

NInjatek Custom Computer Builds

Custom Hand Crafted Gaming, Business and General Use Computers built by our Techwarrior Computer Craftsmen

Tech Consulting

Advice and Support along with plans of action

Data Recovery

Retrieve Deleted and other Damaged Data From Crashed Hard Drives and Computers

Computer Repair Services

Virus Removal

Remove all viruses malware clean optimize and tweak operating system.

OS Reload and Upgrade

Reload or Upgrade Apple or Windows Operating Systems. Even Linux Systems

Hardware Upgrade

Add more memory, or replace video card, bigger hard drive or other better hardware.


Free Computer, Laptop and Accessories Recycling (We do not accept CRT recycling)

Computer Cleanup

Cleanup Optimize, Remove Viruses Malware Empty caches, Clean Registry, install updates

OS Repair

Repair OS with issues and or crashed OS

Solid State Hard Drive Upgrade

Replace standard hard drive with faster solid state drive, Load operating system and transfer data.

Onsite Support

A Tech will come to your location to help with your problem.

Data Recovery

Recover data from damaged operating systems, hard drives, camera cards, thumb drives and other storage devices.

Hardware Installation

Install computer hardware like cd-rom drives, hard drives, memory, and or other hardware.

OS Backup and Reinstall

Backup and Transfer Data and Reload Windows back to factory.

Ninja Help Desk

Remote Support and Management with Antivirus for you.

Business Services

Ninja Managed

Managed Remote Support maintenance and help desk services

Onsite Support

A Tech will be sent out to your location to help with your problems, setups takedowns and more.

Consulting Services

A tech can help you go over plans, ideas and establish systems.


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