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IMPORTANT – Notice of Data Breach/Steps to Protect Your BlockFi Cryptocurrency

In re: BlockFi Inc., Case No. 22-19361
United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey
There has been a security incident that may have impacted some of your personal data related to the claims process in the above-referenced Chapter 11 bankruptcy case.  This e-mail provides important information that can help protect you against misuse of this information.  We encourage you to read this e-mail carefully.
What happened?  It appears that on or about Saturday, August 19, 2023, an attacker conducted a SIM swapping attack against T-Mobile US and gained control of a mobile phone number belonging to an employee of Kroll Restructuring Administration LLC (“Kroll”), the Claims Agent for the BlockFi bankruptcy proceeding.  As a result, the attacker appears to have accessed files stored online in Kroll’s cloud-based systems, including files that contained information about BlockFi claimants.  When Kroll became aware of the incident, it acted quickly to secure the Kroll employee account and launched an investigation.  This attack on T-Mobile and Kroll did not affect any BlockFi systems or BlockFi digital assets. 
What information was involved?  The files involved in the incident may have contained the following information related to you:   Information related to your scheduled claim, which we received from BlockFi in accordance with bankruptcy noticing rules requiring companies in bankruptcy to notify potential creditors about important information related to their bankruptcy proceedings.  The files involved in the incident appear to have included the following information about you, as it would have appeared in BlockFi’s books and records: name; email address; BlockFi Client ID; the types and amounts of cryptocurrency held by BlockFi; the type and amount of your scheduled claim;  and other information relating to your scheduled claim, such as the unique ID assigned by Kroll.             The attacker might use this information in a further scam, for example in phishing e-mails to try to trick you into giving up control over your cryptocurrency accounts, wallets, or other digital assets.   What can you do?  You can help maintain the security of your accounts and digital assets by remaining vigilant and taking certain steps, including the following: Never share your passwords, seed phrases, private keys, and other secret information with untrusted individuals, applications, websites, or devices. Always verify information that you receive from any other website about the BlockFi bankruptcy case or your claim by visiting the website of the Claims Agent, Kroll Restructuring Administration LLC at or by contacting Kroll at The Court presiding over the BlockFi bankruptcy case (the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey), Kroll, and BlockFi will never ask or require you to do any of the following in connection with the processing of bankruptcy claims or the distribution of BlockFi assets:  Link a cryptocurrency wallet to a website or application Provide your seed phrase or private keys Download any software or use a particular wallet application Provide your password over e-mail, text message, or the phone Provide personal identifying information, such as your birthday or social security number, over e-mail or social media or in any manner other than as described in a Court-approved process posted to Kroll’s case website or the Court’s docket. Please know that any distribution of BlockFi assets will only be at the time and in the manner established by the Court.  Information about the Court’s orders can be found at the website of the Claims Agent, Kroll Restructuring Administration LLC:
For more information:  If you have any questions, receive any suspicious communication, or wish to verify the authenticity of communications that are purported to be from individuals associated with the BlockFi bankruptcy case, you should immediately contact:  If you believe your BlockFi account may have been compromised, please email

Kroll Noticing

Kroll Restructuring Administration LLC, 55 East 52nd Street, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10055

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