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We have the weapons

to fight your technology battles

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Computer Repair

From a glitch to a hard drive crash Techwarrior Technologies can fix it.

Tech Support

Small 1 person companies to publically traded companies and residential tech support.

Onsite Support

Techs dispatched to your site to handle problems

Tech Consulting

Advice and Support along with plans of action




Techwarrior Technologies Strives to bring the best and the brightest in IT support and repair technicians with decades of experience

Fast Turn Arounds
Flexible Hours
Reasonable Prices

Quality Work

We only bring on the best most experienced technicians.

It is our mission and goal to always keep everyone at peak uptime and down for as short a period as possible when things happen.

Rod did a fantastic job for me, again! 10 or so years ago I brought my laptop to him for a data retrieval. He was successful and reasonably priced. Just recently I lost all my photos after my 10-year anniversary trip. Wife and I were not happy. Called Rod, and he was able to pull all the hard deleted photos off of the hard drive of my Galaxy S20, and again at a reasonable price. The best. Thanks Rod!
A. William Klotz 9/28/2022
Great guy and service, was very pleased with his honesty and pricing.
No information provided 2/05/2022
My hard disc was replaced and returned to me in less than 24 hours and was repaired at the quoted "estimated price". Overall it was a warrior triumph and a grateful customer. This has been two hard drives on two different Dell Computers. The first was a 2005 Dell Dimension in December of 2019 followed by this recent second failure of a 2013 Dell Inspiron in April, 2021. In both examples the repairs were prompt with great outcomes.
Kenneth Strom 10/05/2021
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larry nystul 10/05/2021
Computer broke, not fixable. Rod at Tech was able to give me a different computer and was so helpful in getting me all set up and going again and answer questions that I had So very thankful my pictures could me saved Will be a new learning on some things and know and feel good that I can call on questions in the future THANK YOU
Dawn Dunn 10/05/2021
Do not waste your time going anywhere else. I deleted photos from my computer and needed them recovered. I took it somewhere else first only to cost me $85 and tell me that it wasn't possible. Tech warrior was able to recover my photos, and checked in with me throughout the day to keep me posted. SERIOUSLY A LIFE SAVER. I'd highly recommend. Thank you, again!
Heidi Carlson 10/05/2021
Great guy, great business, he fixed my desktop when I had no clue what was wrong with it in a very reasonable amount of time, would recommend him!
Justin 10/05/2020
Techwarrior Technologies is my go-to place to buy computers and have work done on them, though when I buy from there work rarely needs to be done. Techwarrior has outfitted my two podcast studios as well as my family with computers. Just bought a MacBook Air from there the other day. Nobody can touch their prices or service.
Bob Sansevere 10/05/2020
I've used Techwarrior Technologies numerous times for various problems that I've created on my machines, and Rod never ceases to impress. On a recent instance he burnt the midnight oil on a problem I was having, knowing of a pending deadline approaching for me. He is THE GO TO for PC repairs.
Matt Graunke 10/05/2019

Residential Ninja Help Desk

Ninja Help Desk Monthly

$ 19.99 Month
  • Remote Support
  • Phone Support
  • Text Support
  • Email Support

Ninja Help Desk Yearly

$ 174.99 Year
  • Remote Support
  • Phone Support
  • Text Support
  • Email Support

Ninja Help Desk Managed

$ 199.00 Yearly
  • Managed Monitoring
  • Remote Support
  • Phone Support
  • Text Support
  • Email Support
  • Discounted Onsite and In Office Support

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    • What Technologies do you work on

      Techwarrior Technologies handles Windows, Mac and Linux Systems. We are always open to try new things also.

    • How fast is turnaround

      Our goal is as fast a turnaround as possible. Sometimes it might be same day sometimes a few weeks depending on the problem and things required.

    • What are your hours

      Technically our hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. but let us know if you need something outside of those times and we will make it happen.


    Computer Repair Delano MN


    Get the Best Computer Repair Delano MN and Tech Support with Techwarrior Technologies

    Affordable Rates and Flexible Scheduling

    In-Office Computer Repair

    At Techwarrior Technologies, we provide the best computer repair and tech support services in Minnesota. Our experienced technicians have the expertise to identify and resolve any issue you may be having with your computer. We offer a flat rate fee structure, so you know exactly how much you’ll be paying before we begin any work. We also have flexible scheduling, so you can get the help you need on your time.

    Hardware Replacing and Upgrading Our technicians can help with any hardware replacing and upgrading needs you may have. We can install new hardware for you or upgrade existing hardware, ensuring your computer is running at its best. We can also do custom builds and rebuilds, so you can be sure your computer is running exactly how you want it to.

    Software Help and Troubleshooting

    We offer full software help and troubleshooting services at TechWarrior Technologies. Our experts can help with printer setup and troubleshooting, operating system setup, reloads, and troubleshooting, virus removal, and more. We can also provide remote support to clients across the nation, so you can get the help you need no matter where you are.Experienced TechniciansOur technicians are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to computer repair and tech support. We have years of experience in the industry and are up to date on the latest technology. We can diagnose and repair any problem quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to using your computer as soon as possible. Reasonable Rates

    We offer reasonable rates for our computer repair and tech support services. Our rates are affordable, so you can get professional repair and support without breaking the bank. We also offer a flat rate in-office fee structure, so you can know exactly what you’re getting before you commit.

    You can also check out Facebook for more information on our computer repair

    Call us for Computer Repair in Delano MN