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Coinbase phishing emails

coinbase phishing emails

Coinbase phishing emails have been showing up with the surge in interest in crypto’s and crypto investment has pushed phishing emails up to. It is important to point out that when these show up if you are worried when you get an email or text like this. Be certain that you go directly to Coinbase website directly. Falling for one of these phishing emails can equal your accounts being cleaned out. Also make certain to have double authentication turned on, that helps you double protect yourself and your accounts from stupid mistakes when it comes to Coinbase phishing emails and when people get their hands on your account information.

Coinbase has a number of ways to do double authentication that can help you protect your accounts. Text message double authentication, Google authenticator is also one of their options. Make sure you have it set up so you don’t get hit if you do make a stupid mistake.

The best advice we can ever give when it comes to emails that read like this is always the same don’t follow any links from the email always go directly to the website login and see if there are messages there. Messages will almost always be inside the account also when it comes to important alerts dealing with your account.

They are trying really hard to get into peoples accounts with the surge of interest in cryptos, never give out your password, your seed phrase or other account info, this can be disasterous and lose you all your money in no time.

If you have any questions or aren’t sure feel free to give us a call and ask, our goal is always to protect you and keep you safe from hackers, crackers and phishers that would try and take your data.

Make it a great day.